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andrew_gonzalez creatrix

Cosmic Trigger
‘Creatrix’ painting by Andrew Gonzalez
An Amazing Artist & Visionary I was recently guided to – brilliant & powerful imagery !

This particular piece spoke to me in a powerful vision.
She tells me she is the ‘Cosmic Trigger’ – she is the embodiment of all balance within Creation, she is the ruler & gatekeeper that sits upon the throne & threshold into the 5th dimension. She is unity of all polarity that exists in our world – she is unified feminine & masculine, the diamond sun & crescent moon, illumination of day & the darkness of night. She embodies the dragon & the dove, the lamb & the lion, fire & Water & she has the power to embrace All Life giving energy into unity, into sacred purity & balance which is the flow of Creation. She is the beauty of the peacock, the phoenix rising, she is the sacred sword that slices the veil of forgetfulness, She embodies the sacred Spiral, the Fibonacci & the Tree of Life, All the codes of creation that created our world. She is the finest regal porcelain, strong & unbreakable yet delicate, soft & smooth. She is the finest pure ivory (we have yet to understand the physical powers of Ivory) she holds the strength, wisdom of the Ganesha (elephant) & Spirit Flame of New beginnings. She is the milk & honey of All mortal Gods. She is the Greeter Angelic Spirit that welcomes the awakened physical biological life forms into the higher realm & she comes to us as the overseer of Birth for the New Earth. She is the sustenance of pure crystal salt, which All mortal Life needs upon the Earth to survive. She is the serpent & the egg, the eagle & the whale, she is the very bones of our BEing that holds all our multi-dimensional selves & the wisdom of our ancestors. She is the portal of time & the chariot that will take us into the future. She is the Cosmic Trigger.
Of all Andrew’s art, this one holds the most power & has spoken to my soul. This piece is the symbolic totality of sacred creation in perfect flow, rhythm, harmony & balance but she also tells me that it is imperative that this image was visually expressed in the energy of ‘Ivory’ (no color-all color) as it is the anchor that holds all of what this vision represents together in the strongest foundation & telepathic messaging to the viewer – for those that have eyes to see.

She tells me that despite all the Glory she holds, she waits in suspension , carrying much sadness, as most of humanity is still not ready to see, perceive or receive her, as well as a large portion of the awakened ones. It makes me sad as well, as I found her message so uplifting yet to then be tainted with so much grief as I sensed I was the only one to hear her. I wonder if Andrew can hear her…sure hope he does, but sometimes artists are guided to create powerful works of art, without fully understanding their meaning.