BOB (post from Aug 2019)
so let’s try something different…….
a ‘thought’ approach using a piece of expanded mind perception ! Instead of stuck looped spiraling endlessly in CONflict, debate, blame, right & wrong game, with All those I.D. CONstructs of who is in Unity, who is not, UNconditional this & that &….the evil ‘oh no’ foe ‘EGO’ which most want to identify as a some foreign destructive dark entity living within……
lets run with that & give it a New I.D. Name – BOB

so ‘Bob’ is our enemy right & we have to kill him, get rid of him, whatever it takes….everything that is not of Love & Light is ‘Bob’ !….he’s the cause of all our problems, all our feuds & preventing us from moving forward, so if we kill Evil ‘Bob’, ah yes, that’s the solution, our ticket outta here to New Earth & Freedom. Bob has infected us, with his evil programs & has taken over our minds our bodies & makes us do things uncontrollably beyond our will. Imagine that… Creator BEings, even when we know all about ‘Bob’, we still give all our power up & over to him !……can ya see where I’m going with this ?….is it all sounding a little silly ?
so let’s say we think we have succeeded in killing Bob, then why do you suppose his energy keeps coming up in everyday synchronicities, he haunts us in our dreams, he shows up reflected in the people we interact with ?…..’Bob’ is energy that is a part of us, & can’t be suppressed or destroyed, but try as we will, Bob has a way to bleed thru, he gets stronger & amasses more hidden dirt under that pretty pure rug we choose to display & project to others.

so on it goes…..finally we with our pretty & pure ascending fascade costumes manage to reach 5D, Bob is dead…..hurray ! oh thank God, what a diabolical jerk he was, what a relief he’s gone !…..
Time to start building our New world, those pure crystal light castles filled with Love & Light, sparkly Emerald Cities, beautiful Yellow brick roads weaving thru vast lush gardens & landscapes, UNITY abounds !……but hold on a minute….something doesn’t feel right….your castle is bigger, grander than mine, your walls are shinier than mine, why are all the birds & butterflies in your garden & not mine ?….& holy shit, is that ‘Bob’ I see sitting in your garden !….he’s not dead, you brought him with you ! ….what the hell is wrong with you bringing Bob here to infect our paradise !!…..didn’t you read the rules “NO Bobs Allowed” !

Bob is a state of mind, he is an integral part of you
Bob goes where ever you go

He can be loved, healed, embraced, balanced & BE-friended…he evolves, he transforms, but he cannot be killed, destroyed….ever.
Did you know that it is often true that a mechanic who works on other people’s cars, usually owns a neglected one that is in constant need of repair.
Big Spiritual Oxymoron : You would be surprised that the very people who shout out ‘Kill Bob’ are also verbally fluently adept in expressing their thoughts using ‘Bob’ language.
(a sensitive feeling empath can readily pick up on that.)

Soooo let’s add another ‘Twist’ to the ‘Story’ :
As of late, there is a narrative floating around about ‘false pocket universes’ that are being created by dark archons to deceive, to trap us, prevent us from reaching the 5th dimension & these pockets have even showed up on earth frequencies graphs as multi flashs of energy. What do you think ?….can they be real, fiction, imagination ?….what are they ?
“””BOB””” ‘s
Quite some time ago, I said that there is actually more illusion in 5D then in 3D. & why ?…..because those who have not done their inner work, ‘wouldn’t work with Bob’, wouldn’t embrace, heal & balance ‘Bob’ energies, & when they have achieved reaching high enough vibration….they would carry these/their energy distortions into the next dimension….resulting in creating more illusion from illusion. Each soul must embrace / heal their Whole Self
The Grand Infinite wheel of Life keeps turning beyond any human soul’s control, any that continue resistance to the natural flow of Creation, the living fabric blueprint of their existence that each soul is birthed from, then they themselves create their own ‘rabbit hole bubbles’ false pockets of distortion in the continuum…..not the archons.

All of Nature is vastly beautifully diverse with millions of equally important life forms, uniquely different, as are all the planets, the multi-dimensional universes, All of Creation is designed to flow in an amazing magical connected diversity & harmonious balance….so why shouldn’t we as human souls strive to be the same ?….why should we want to destroy anything, kill ‘Bob’ ?…killing, destroying is not expansion, not transformation, it is limitation, a closed mind set stuck in rigid back & forth looped CONflict ‘struggle’ behavior. Creation connects all life in their individual shape, form, & design with wide variations of sizes, colors, textures, temperatures… freedom means we can keep our likes & dislikes, & we don’t have to love each other, only appreciate & respect & honor each other’s choices, each other’s spaces, each other’s growth, creativity…..even accept if one desire’s to stay in illusion, it is their choice. We are not ascending to a private club house, the universal multi-dimensional fields of creation are vast….endless….infinite …..
‘No One Person’ has the perfect answer or full awareness to what’s out there, the heavens, of anything beyond this realm…..until they leave, it is ‘purely’ their interpretation & in which we can believe it or not. Even Messages from Higher BEings continue to be subjective & up to each one to discern if they are truth or fantasy. Enter the state of BEing ‘Radical’, & communicating with invisible untangable Spirits…
I’ve been called a ‘Snowflake with a great imagination’ ….
I say ‘thank you’.
Truth, Discernment, Narratives, Trickery, Fakery, illusion, imagination, prophecies, predictions…all still a mind roll of the dice with no proof until it physically happens….without an expanded mind & all properly functioning 6 senses it rarely enters into a convince-able state. The grass is not always greener in another’s imaginative enticing shiny bubble ! Create your own with your forever steadfast best friend in this world…
your multi-dimensional, transformative, shape shifting, inner child ‘Bob’.

“I’ve been ready since before I was born”

‘Meow’ is not in my vocabulary !

Maine Coon Cat – strikingly unique & smart….many varieties within this breed, can grow very big & weigh up to 20lbs.









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