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andrew_gonzalez creatrix

Cosmic Trigger
‘Creatrix’ painting by Andrew Gonzalez
An Amazing Artist & Visionary I was recently guided to – brilliant & powerful imagery !

This particular piece spoke to me in a powerful vision.
She tells me she is the ‘Cosmic Trigger’ – she is the embodiment of all balance within Creation, she is the ruler & gatekeeper that sits upon the throne & threshold into the 5th dimension. She is unity of all polarity that exists in our world – she is unified feminine & masculine, the diamond sun & crescent moon, illumination of day & the darkness of night. She embodies the dragon & the dove, the lamb & the lion, fire & Water & she has the power to embrace All Life giving energy into unity, into sacred purity & balance which is the flow of Creation. She is the beauty of the peacock, the phoenix rising, she is the sacred sword that slices the veil of forgetfulness, She embodies the sacred Spiral, the Fibonacci & the Tree of Life, All the codes of creation that created our world. She is the finest regal porcelain, strong & unbreakable yet delicate, soft & smooth. She is the finest pure ivory (we have yet to understand the physical powers of Ivory) she holds the strength, wisdom of the Ganesha (elephant) & Spirit Flame of New beginnings. She is the milk & honey of All mortal Gods. She is the Greeter Angelic Spirit that welcomes the awakened physical biological life forms into the higher realm & she comes to us as the overseer of Birth for the New Earth. She is the sustenance of pure crystal salt, which All mortal Life needs upon the Earth to survive. She is the serpent & the egg, the eagle & the whale, she is the very bones of our BEing that holds all our multi-dimensional selves & the wisdom of our ancestors. She is the portal of time & the chariot that will take us into the future. She is the Cosmic Trigger.
Of all Andrew’s art, this one holds the most power & has spoken to my soul. This piece is the symbolic totality of sacred creation in perfect flow, rhythm, harmony & balance but she also tells me that it is imperative that this image was visually expressed in the energy of ‘Ivory’ (no color-all color) as it is the anchor that holds all of what this vision represents together in the strongest foundation & telepathic messaging to the viewer – for those that have eyes to see.

She tells me that despite all the Glory she holds, she waits in suspension , carrying much sadness, as most of humanity is still not ready to see, perceive or receive her, as well as a large portion of the awakened ones. It makes me sad as well, as I found her message so uplifting yet to then be tainted with so much grief as I sensed I was the only one to hear her. I wonder if Andrew can hear her…sure hope he does, but sometimes artists are guided to create powerful works of art, without fully understanding their meaning.



‘Magenta’ the highest form of intelligent color expression by Creation in the natural world.

when ‘Magenta’ is applied to ‘twin-flames’ it becomes a powerful energy tool to aid in the process of unification &  joining of energies, but we must always remember this process can never be forced, it must ignite in a natural symbiotic way within the blue print connection & sacred flow of creation time just as in the same flow of Fibonacci.  It is an actual ‘RE-alignment’ that may take some time to put back together, so all must show extreme patience – but when this fusion is ripe & merger attains full completion….sacred divine ‘Truth’ is revealed to both & the twin-flames will begin to join in their dream state, as in a powerful sharing of the same dream & in this state, intentions are activated & manifestation comes quickly !….but as in all flow & abundance within creation….these manifestations must be for the higher good & unification with source creation & within the dream state merger, joined soul intentions must be in sync – all a necessary part of this sacred alignment ….the newly born Creator God-Goddess will understand their full innate powers & miracles will become an everyday occurrence as the full force of the New Earth takes shape & form in the physical realm.


& a wonderful complimentary message from the ‘Hathors’ thru Anna Merkaba

‘Fuchsia Fusion’




The Dogon tells the legend of the Nommos, awful-looking beings who arrived in a vessel along with fire and thunder.

After they arrived here – they put out a reservoir of water onto the Earth then dove into the water. There are references in the oral traditions, drawings and cuneiform tablets of the Dogons, to human looking beings who have feet but who are portrayed as having a large fish skin running down their bodies.

The Nommos were more fishlike than human, and had to live in water. They were saviors and spiritual guardians:

“The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe “had drunk of his body,” the Nommo also made men drink. He gave all his life principles to human beings.”

The Nommo was crucified and resurrected and in the future will again visit the Earth, this time in human form. Later he will assume his amphibious form and will rule the world from the waters.

Dogon mythology is known only by a number of their priests, and is a complex system of knowledge. Such carefully guarded secrets would not be divulged to friendly strangers very easily. If the star Emme Ya is eventually discovered in the Sirius system, this would give considerably weight to the Dogon's story.Dogon mythology is known only by a number of their priests, and is a complex system of knowledge. Such carefully guarded secrets would not be divulged to friendly strangers very easily. If the star Emme Ya is eventually discovered in the Sirius system, this would give considerably weight to the Dogon’s story.

The Nommos, who could live on land but dwelled mostly in the sea, were part fish, like merfolk (mermaids and mermen). Similar creatures have been noted in other ancient civilizations: Sumer, Babylonia’s Oannes, Acadia’s Ea, Sumer’s Enki, and Egypt’s goddess Isis. It was from the Nommos that the Dogon claimed their knowledge of the heavens.

The Dogon also claimed that a third star (Emme Ya) existed in the Sirius system. Larger and lighter than Sirius B, this star revolved around Sirius as well. And around it orbited a planet from which the Nommos came. (Sirius A).

According to Robert Temple’s Book The Sirius Mystery, the Dogon, a tribe of about 100,000 in western Africa, have had contact with extraterrestrials.

One of Temple’s main pieces of evidence is the tribe’s alleged knowledge of Sirius B, a companion to the star Sirius. The Dogon are supposed to know that Sirius B orbits Sirius and that a complete orbit takes fifty years. One of the pieces of evidence Temple cites is a sand picture made by the Dogon to explain their beliefs.

There are a number of other astronomical beliefs held by the Dogon which are curious; e.g., traditional belief in a heliocentric system and elliptical orbits of astronomical phenomena; knowledge of satellites of Jupiter and rings of Saturn, among other things. Where did they get this knowledge, if not from extraterrestrial visitors? They don't have telescopes or other scientific equipment, so how could they get this knowledge?







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Dare to Care – Plant a Tree

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help the survival for the magnificent that exist !

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Earth Day…should be Every Day.

‘Earth’ One complete Sacred Home that cradles All Life, not just for us.

Set your Intentions ‘High’ today for the Greatest Good, the Greatest Healing for our BeLoved Mother-Earth !

Live Every Day as if your very Life depended upon it, fore in fact it does !

Look around you…Look at All the spiraling, out of control, Manmade destruction that is hurting / destroying Nature,

poisoning the ‘Land & Water’….starving, sickening & killing all forms of plants, trees, fish, birds, BEEs & animals.

From Fracking to Nuclear radiation leakage….from pesticides to plastics…

toxic levels of fossil fuel – methane gas being released at unmanageable levels in the air, the atmosphere.

All these wheels turn in the direction of our choosing – all rests in our creative thinking & abilities in making the right choices !

Dare to Care – See the Change – BE the Change