‘Magenta’ the highest form of intelligent color expression by Creation in the natural world.

when ‘Magenta’ is applied to ‘twin-flames’ it becomes a powerful energy tool to aid in the process of unification &  joining of energies, but we must always remember this process can never be forced, it must ignite in a natural symbiotic way within the blue print connection & sacred flow of creation time just as in the same flow of Fibonacci.  It is an actual ‘RE-alignment’ that may take some time to put back together, so all must show extreme patience – but when this fusion is ripe & merger attains full completion….sacred divine ‘Truth’ is revealed to both & the twin-flames will begin to join in their dream state, as in a powerful sharing of the same dream & in this state, intentions are activated & manifestation comes quickly !….but as in all flow & abundance within creation….these manifestations must be for the higher good & unification with source creation & within the dream state merger, joined soul intentions must be in sync – all a necessary part of this sacred alignment ….the newly born Creator God-Goddess will understand their full innate powers & miracles will become an everyday occurrence as the full force of the New Earth takes shape & form in the physical realm.


& a wonderful complimentary message from the ‘Hathors’ thru Anna Merkaba

‘Fuchsia Fusion’