Earth Day…should be Every Day.

‘Earth’ One complete Sacred Home that cradles All Life, not just for us.

Set your Intentions ‘High’ today for the Greatest Good, the Greatest Healing for our BeLoved Mother-Earth !

Live Every Day as if your very Life depended upon it, fore in fact it does !

Look around you…Look at All the spiraling, out of control, Manmade destruction that is hurting / destroying Nature,

poisoning the ‘Land & Water’….starving, sickening & killing all forms of plants, trees, fish, birds, BEEs & animals.

From Fracking to Nuclear radiation leakage….from pesticides to plastics…

toxic levels of fossil fuel – methane gas being released at unmanageable levels in the air, the atmosphere.

All these wheels turn in the direction of our choosing – all rests in our creative thinking & abilities in making the right choices !

Dare to Care – See the Change – BE the Change