One morning, someone in Southern California found an injured owl on their porch. It turned out to be a blind Western Screech Owl with eyes that look like a starry night. After a visit to the vet, the owl found a new permanent home at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California. He was named “Zeus” after the Greek god of sky and thunder because of his stunning eyes

The message from Creation thru Zeus

You look into these Eyes & see the Cosmos…You seek the answers of Creation….all the hidden secrets, all the treasures, all the knowledge of the mystery schools….I tell you, none of these things are as important as your Compassion. You are much more than your ancestors…You are the newly evolved generation of ‘Compassionate’ Conscious Creators & you will abide by these things –
I was lost & you found me
I was naked & you clothed me
I was injured & you healed me
I was hungry & you fed me
I was frightened & you comforted me
You Loved me & Protected me from harm
I was fractured, torn & scattered & through
Your Compassion, you made me Whole once again.

You are the ‘Compassionate’ Conscious Creators of the New, You shall blend duality out of existence, a transformation of balance into a new unified form. Through You the past shall be healed. Through You the future will set course to bring only peace & harmony. Through You the land will be alive again with birthing richness & the Water pure & clean in an never ending abundance. Through your Compassion You will know Mother-Earth as you’ve never known her before.